Traveling is great, isn’t it? And the reasons for choosing a particular destination can vary greatly. An airline ticket promotion, a TV show, a tip from a friend or even a destination that was already in the plans a long time ago. No matter the reason, the best way to ensure a smooth trip is with planning. And for that, the best thing to do is to inform yourself well about the chosen destination.

Tips on everything you need to know before you travel:

Search for the destination

To ensure a smoother journey it is important to research your destination thoroughly and set up a very detailed itinerary. Country currency, season and language are some of the main items of this research.

After all, it is essential to be well prepared and not be caught by surprise during the trip. Knowing a little about the politics, traditions and customs of the country also helps not to fall into robbery. So, read a lot about your chosen destination and gather as much information as possible.


Whether it is a national or international destination, you need to be aware of the necessary documents. If it is a domestic trip you must have a valid photo document, either for boarding at airports or by bus. For international trips you must have a passport. Be sure to check the rules of each country before boarding. Some require that the passport has a minimum validity of 6 months.

Visas and vaccinations

Besides the validity of the passport, some countries require visas. Each country uses different criteria and requirements for the entry and stay of foreigners. It is also important to remember that some destinations require international proof of vaccination against different diseases, being the vaccine against yellow fever the most common.

Ticket and accommodation

The sooner the ticket is purchased, the greater the chance you will save. But you have to keep an eye on your chosen flight if it has a stopover and connection, for example. If this happens, you need to know if there will be immigration, because you may need a visa that was not in the plans. You have to check all the possibilities. The choice of the hotel must be according to the type of trip you want.

The price is an important criterion, as well as the location and conditions. Having easy access to public transportation is a good option to have mobility and still save money. Also, prefer hotels with free cancellation policies and always check the evaluations of other clients.


In order not to lose money on trips you have to plan, and this also includes deciding which currency to take and the exchange rate. The variations and the devaluation of the Real can be confusing at the time of the choice. Always prefer to take the local currency of your destination, it makes it much easier. If it is not possible, it is always better to bet on the dollar, which is a strong and easy currency to exchange in other countries.

Travel insurance

Being prepared for setbacks is essential. Therefore, investing in travel insurance is to ensure safety and tranquility for the whole family. Travel insurance is very affordable and besides protecting the family from illness and accidents, it also covers loss of luggage and trip cancellations – according to the contracted plan.