Protecting your TikTok account

Here’s what settings help you protect your profile from hackers, harassers, and spammers in TikTok.

Every day millions of people around the world watch short videos on TikTok and share their own videos. Some come here for creativity and communication, while others are looking for popularity.

However, like any online community, there are not only cool bloggers and their fans among TikTok users. You may also come across some unpleasant people – haters, spammers, scammers, and so on. Here’s what security and privacy settings can help you protect your account from them.

Security settings in TikTok

Let’s start with the most important: tamper protection. To get to the few security settings that TikTok has, click on the My icon and then on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen (in Android you will go straight to where you need to go, but in iOS you will need to select Settings after that). The settings you need are under Account Management.

Is there two-factor authentication in TikTok?

Many social networks and services allow you to protect yourself in case your password gets stolen or tricked out of you. You can turn on two-factor authentication, and one password will not be enough to log in. You will have to enter another one-time code, which the service will send you, for example, in SMS.

In TikTok there is no such setting. There is an option “Login with confirmation code”. If you use it, then TikTok will send you a one-time code in SMS. But it cannot be called two-factor authentication, because the code does not complement the password, but replaces it. If you received a code, you can log in to your account without a password.

This is not very good, because the codes from SMS is not the most reliable protection. But it saves you from password theft, because you won’t be able to sign in without a one-time password from a device you don’t know. Most importantly, do not forget to unlink TikTok from the phone number, if you are going to change it.

How to disable password saving

By default, TikTok remembers your login and password. So you don’t have to enter them again, it’s convenient. And you don’t give your phone to other people, do you? If you do give it to other people (for example, to your friends), and in case of theft – it’s better to refuse from the autofill username and password. To do this, turn off the Save username and password option in the Account Management section.

How do I know if someone is using my TikTok account?

Let’s say you accessed your profile from someone else’s device and forgot to unlog in. Or you’re worried someone might have hacked your account. Check to see if someone else is using your TikTok account-it’s easy.

  • Click Device Management to see which phones your TikTok account is open on.
  • Sign out of your account on devices you don’t use. To do this, click the trashcan icon next to the gadget in the list and select Delete.
  • Change your account password just in case.

Setting up privacy in TikTok

Your TikTok profile is, by default, visible to everyone. Outsiders can find your account, watch your videos, and leave comments. If you’re fed up with spammers and haters or just don’t want to share your videos with everyone, use the privacy settings. To do this, tap My on the Home screen, then tap the three dots in the top right corner (in iOS, select Settings additionally) and open the Privacy section.

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